C level individuals helping your business to grow

Marketing, Media and Commercial Sponsorship - About us:


I founded Chiefs Digital Media after several years of partners and industry colleagues asking me for recommendations and advice since they lacked C level expertise in their business (particularly Chief Marketing, Commercial, Digital and Customer Officers). Chiefs Digital Media brings my wealth of experience as both a Chief Marketing and Chief Commercial Officer with a hands-on approach, to work with client’s in-house teams. 

I also saw the need for “turn-key” specialist digital marketing solutions, from content and campaign creation, through to marketing channel distribution and technical implementation. The Chiefs Digital Media team includes a network of leading boutique agencies where other C level individuals will commit to delivering from concept to creation and optimisation.  

The approach provides an agile and nimble solution, the best content and digital minds operating in a fast changing landscape to make better use of budget and the client’s own resource. Results will be improved customer experience, brand perception, more efficient use of marketing budget and increased revenue. Collaboration is our focus, bringing industry specialists together to work with your team.

Reporting on the performance of campaigns is critical and clients will benefit from gaining a clear understanding of their customer’s digital engagement that will lead to improved attribution modelling. At Chiefs Digital Media we invest time to understand your customers and the performance of campaigns. This includes the impact of multi screening, including TV viewing triggering digital action, by aggregating third party data into one central source.  

I look forward to hearing from you and working together in the future.

Keith Mitchell

CEO & Founder